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Day trip bus tour
Tour NO.02 -09
Take a walk in the air around Rokko Arima , which is dyed in crimson !
Hideyoshi also praised 2500 Kaede trips
The photograph is an image.

17,800 yen (tax included)

November 16th (Tuesday)
Morning x Noon 〇 Night x
can be
15 people

Itinerary content

Various places (7: 00-8: 00) = Zuihoji Park (20 minutes) = Lunch (60 minutes) = Arima Onsen town walk (90 minutes) = Ropeway (15:10 departure) = Rokko Garden (20 minutes) = Autumn leaves car window on Ashi Road = various places (19: 30-20: 30)

​Tour points

Recommended here

① Arima's autumn leaves spot Admire 2,500 maples dyed in red at Zuihoji Park.

② For lunch, enjoy Japanese black beef kaiseki cuisine at Arima Gyoen.

If you wish, you can enjoy bathing in Kinsen and Ginsen Onsen.

(Bath is included in the travel price. Towels and bath towels included

③ Free walk around Arima Onsen town. Bathing is available until 14:30)

④ Take a walk in the air on the ropeway to Rokko Sancho Station, and enjoy the autumn leaves from the sky and the garden terrace.

Please enjoy the panoramic view.

⑤ Enjoy the scenery of autumn leaves from the train window on Ashi Road.

 important point

* Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus, the lunch place may be changed or you may be free to eat.
​ In this case, the difference in meal price will be refunded. Thank you for your understanding.

* Bus seats are in the order of reservation. We do not share seats outside the group.

About bus seats

In this tour, as a measure against corona, we will allocate seats so that they will not be shared outside the group .

On a large bus (capacity of about 49 people), we will use it after about 30 people.

Basically, we will allocate seats from the front in the order of application. If you would like a front seat (1st to 3rd row), we can also select a seat, so please let us know when you make a reservation .

(* For those who reserve a seat, @ 500 yen will be added for an additional fee)

About GoTo Travel Campaign

At this stage, the GOTO Travel business has not yet officially announced the timing for resuming the specific campaign, the extension period for implementation, and the discount rate. (As of 7/15)
In the future, if there is an official announcement from the government, we will apply a discount on the travel price as appropriate.
The travel price stated in this leaflet is the amount that does not apply to the GOTO Travel Campaign, but discounts will be applied depending on the future situation.

  • * On the above set days, the seats may be full or the event may be canceled. Please check the latest status by phone.

  • * We will inform you about the meeting time in each area by a letter of invitation two weeks before the departure date.

  • * Please contact us at least 15 days before the departure date if you would like to change the boarding location.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

☎ 0739-34-2254

We will confirm your application / inquiry and contact you by email.

Reception hours 24 hours

Reply during business hours

It is basically closed on Sundays and public holidays.

You can also apply by fax.

Please fill in the required items and send it.

FAX 0739-34-2211

We will confirm your application / inquiry and contact you by email.

Reception hours 24 hours

Reply during business hours

It is basically closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Tabimaru Tour Nanki
1-664-3 Uenoyama, Tanabe City

We are also looking forward to your visit.

Reception hours 9: 30-17: 30 on weekdays

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are basically closed.

Tabimaru Tour Nanki

1-664-3 Uenoyama, Tanabe City

Domestic travel accident insurance (a sudden and accidental outpatient accident during a travel itinerary)

(Included in the travel price)

Disability death

Late effects

Daily hospitalization

Daily visit

5 million yen

5 million yen

2500 yen (daily)

1800 yen (daily)

If you die within 180 days including the day of the accident

If it occurs within 180 days including the accident date

Payment limit is within 180 days including the accident date

Payment limit is 90 days within 180 days including the accident date

* In addition to the above, special compensation is separately subscribed.

Main cases where payment is not possible (common)
1. Intentional or gross negligence 2. Suicide / crime / combat behavior 3. Unqualified driving / drunk driving, driving in a state where normal driving may not be possible due to drugs, etc. 4. Brain disease, plague, loss of mind 5 Pregnancy, childbirth, premature birth, miscarriage 6. Surgical surgery and other medical procedures 7. War, foreign force, riots, nuclear fuel, etc. * Excluding terrorist acts 8. Earthquake, eruption or tsunami caused by these 9. Cervical syndrome (Muchiuchi disease), low back pain, etc. with no medical objective findings

Cancellation fee

In case of cancellation due to customer's convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged per person.

Starting from the day before the death parade travel start date    

20-11 days ago    

10-8 days ago

7-2 days ago  

The day before 

Before the start of the trip on the day 

After the start of the trip / No contact 

 Night train / accommodation 



 Day trip







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