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Tour number: 03-04
[Minibus charter plan] Otsuka Museum of Art One-day shuttle
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​Tour points

Recommended here

  • [Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado]

  • Enjoy the fun stories of experienced active ama women and the extravagant time when the ama women are hand-baked in front of you, surrounding the Kamado of the ama hut.

  • ★ Full menu including 1 spiny lobster + grilled seafood!

At this stage, the GOTO Travel business has not yet officially announced the timing for resuming the specific campaign, the extension period for implementation, and the discount rate. (As of 7/15)
In the future, if there is an official announcement from the government, we will apply a discount on the travel price as appropriate.
The travel price stated in this leaflet is the amount that does not apply to the GOTO Travel Campaign, but discounts will be applied depending on the future situation.

About subsidizing travel costs in the GoTo Travel Campaign

  • For domestic travel ・ Half of the accommodation / day trip price will be subsidized. However, the following auxiliary upper limit is set.

  • ① The upper limit is 20,000 yen per person per night (10,000 yen for day trips).

  • (2) Of the subsidy amount, "70% is a travel price discount" and "30% is a regional common coupon that can be used at the travel destination".

  • * Therefore, the subsidy amount is equivalent to 1/2, but the travel fee will not be halved.

About GoTo Travel Campaign

1. The travels listed are covered by the Go To Travel business.

2. The actual amount paid by the customer is the amount obtained by subtracting the support money from the GoTo travel business from the travel price.

For trips departing after 10/1, a regional coupon will be given according to the travel price.

(Please note that the period of grant may change depending on the situation.)

3. Receiving support money: Support money from the government will be paid to the customer.

We will receive the support money on behalf of the customer (reception on behalf of the customer), so the customer will receive the support money for the travel price.

Please pay the "actual payment amount" after deducting.

In case of cancellation, a prescribed cancellation fee will be charged based on the travel price. The customer is represented by us

Please be aware of the receipt before applying.

important point

  • ※上記の設定日は、満席・催行中止の場合もございます。最新状況は、お電話にてご確認ください。

  • ※各地集合時間につきましては、出発日の2週間前に案内状にてお知らせいたします。

  • ※乗車地の変更につきましては、なるべく出発日の15日前までに、ご連絡ください。


☎ 0739-34-2254


受付時間 24時間

​      営業時間内にご返信




​FAX 0739-34-2211


受付時間 24時間

​      営業時間内にご返信




受付時間 平日9:30~17:30





受付時間 24時間

​      営業時間内にご返信



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