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(Self-made bus tour) Corona countermeasure bus tour
For customers who hesitate to travel due to Corona, we hope that you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.
We have prepared a "Corona Countermeasure Tour" .

As a new form of travel in the new corona era, for the time being when corona infections settle down [self-made bus tour]

I will propose.

Until now, there was always the risk of changing or canceling the itinerary, such as closing or canceling meals or facilities due to infection conditions or requests for self-restraint.

In addition, many customers are hesitant to participate in recruitment tours where an unspecified number of people gather because of concerns about the risk of infection.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult to carry out recruitment-type tours.

Therefore, we will propose a travel plan for small to medium group customers called [self-made bus tour].

Refer to our model plan for friends and family who are comfortable and friendly with each other, not for an unspecified number of recruitment type

We will plan your trip and carry out a tour.

Of course, as before, we will listen to the process, arrange and prepare a quotation according to the budget request that the customer himself thought.

We are here.


Flow of self-made bus tour

1. 1. First of all, we will propose a model plan. (See the model plan)

2. We will plan a trip according to your wishes with reference to the model plan. (All plans can be planned by the customer)

3. 3.

3. 3. Until now, it has been difficult for recruitment-type tours to fulfill individual wishes depending on the location and length of stay.

Implementation conditions

1. Thoroughly wear masks for all participants.

2. One of vaccinated or proof of negative test results

      (14 days or more have passed since the vaccination date of the new coronavirus vaccination)

(Samples collected after the 3rd day of PCR test or quantitative antigen test)

   3. Identity verification documents with current address, name, and date of birth

4. Submission of health check sheet on the day of departure

5. Tour conductors and bus crews will be accompanied by those who have been vaccinated twice with the new coronavirus vaccine.

Day trip
* Tour conductors will not accompany you on the chartered bus plan.
Please contact us if you would like to accompany a tour conductor.

​Chartered bus plan

Tour number


Ise Toba day trip

Enjoy the fun stories of experienced active ama women and the extravagant time when the ama women are hand-baked in front of you, surrounding the Kamado of the ama hut.


​Minibus charter

Tour number 03-4

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Ise Toba day trip


​Minibus charter

Tour number 03-2

Cherry blossoms at Wakayama Castle and Kimiidera Temple

Ise Toba day trip


​Minibus charter

Tour number 03-3

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Ise Toba day trip

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