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Day tour
Tour № 02-06
Kumano Kodo Walking
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15,000 yen → 9,750 yen

* After applying the campaign
Saturday, May 22
​From the origin gate to the main shrine
Morning x Noon 〇 Night x
can be




​Day 1

(7:00) Departure from various places == 🚌 == Kumano Kodokan == 🚌 == Prince Takijiri --- Plateau (lunch) --- Roadside Station Nakabeji == 🚌 ==

== 🚌 == (21:00) Arrival in various places


 Travel price for 1 adult   24,200 yen to 49,800 yen

​Tour points

Recommended here

Tenryu-ji Temple is also registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site. The first strolling garden designated as a national special scenic spot.

A row of Yoshino cherry trees continues for about 1.4km, and you can take a walk through the tunnel of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

About bus seats

This tour will use a large bus (capacity of about 40 people) after 20 people (window side seats only) to prevent corona.

Basically, we will allocate seats from the front in the order of application. If you would like a front seat (1st to 3rd row), we can also select a seat, so please let us know when you make a reservation.

About GoTo Travel Campaign

1. The travels listed are covered by the Go To Travel business.

2. The actual amount paid by the customer is the amount obtained by subtracting the support money from the GoTo travel business from the travel price.

For trips departing after 10/1, a regional coupon will be given according to the travel price.

(Please note that the period of grant may change depending on the situation.)

3. Receiving support money: Support money from the government will be paid to the customer.

The Company will receive the support money on behalf of the customer (reception on behalf of the customer), so the customer will be required to pay the "actual payment amount" after deducting the support money for the travel price.

In case of cancellation, a prescribed cancellation fee will be charged based on the travel price. Customers are requested to acknowledge the receipt by proxy before applying.

  • * On the above set days, the seats may be full or the event may be canceled. Please check the latest status by phone.

  • * We will inform you about the meeting time in each area by a letter of invitation two weeks before the departure date.

  • * Please contact us at least 15 days before the departure date if you would like to change the boarding location.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

☎ 0739-34-2254

You can also apply by fax.

Please fill in the required items and send it.

FAX 0739-34-2211

We are also looking forward to your visit.

Reception hours 9: 30-17: 30 on weekdays

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are basically closed.

Tabimaru Tour Nanki

1-664-3 Uenoyama, Tanabe City

[Departure date] 2021/02/28 ~ 2021/03/25

[Number of people] 1 room for 2 people

 Travel price for 1 adult   24,200 yen  ~  49,800 yen

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